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Welcome to Voodoo! We are a fan site with reviews and forums focused on co-operative gaming: multiple players against the computer! Naturally, we do enjoy and discuss other games. We also host servers for a few games, and offer other features, such as walkthroughs and howtos.

If your favorite game isn't listed in our forums, please make a post in Other Games. Popular games will eventually warrant their own sub-forum!

Please visit nolf4ever.com to sign the petition for getting a NOLF3!!! There's no guarantee it will work, but one of the ways you can reach the developers is through the community voice.

There is some information about our No One Lives Forever/NOLF2/Contract Jack servers. We also have some rules for all of our servers. These were originally drawn up for NOLF2, but apply pretty well to any co-operative game.

Thanks for stopping by!