The Rules --- READ ME FIRST

or an admin will boot you. Come back only when ready to follow ALL the rules
ALL the time. Serious/repeat offenders will be banned.

This is the prime directive: Treat others better than you want to be treated.
Deliberate interference and/or repeated "accidents" will not be tolerated.

Register only once, and use exactly your registered name as your player name.

These games are Rated M. that means 17+ years of age. We try to discourage
underage players, but parents, this is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. No exceptions.

We are unable to censor everything, but when possible we remove abusive players.

If you tag/frag, you will taste our vengeance, and wish it were mango chutney.

Swap business cards and take the discussion elsewhere.

If we ban you, don't come back. If you assist a banned player we ban you.

Contrary to your belief, you have no "right" to play here, and our admins
really are >all that< AND a bag of chips
. Follow their directions or
expect to be booted or banned. Requests for second chances are ignored.

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[Draft] How to be a Team Player

"How to be a team player"

This list is intended to help players understand our prime directive. It is
not an all-inclusive list of acceptable behavior. It has been compiled from
suggestions of our members and will be updated from time to time.

- Follow our prime directive: treat others better than you want to be
- Let the person who picks the lock have the first chance to grab the stuff
- Let the person who made the kill have first crack at searching the body
- Leave a few unsearched bodies when possible for latecomers
- Make sure your team is ready before leaving an area, ending a level,
moving through a two-way (or one way!) exit, or picking up intel or
crossing a map point which will trigger an event. ASK FIRST!!!
- Don't pick up intel when your comrades are in the middle of a firefight.
- Don't pick up intel you don't need.
- Don't ring an alarm without the consent of your teammates.
- Don't do anything that will restart a level or prolong a level when it
isn't necessary, and get the consent of your teammates when possible.
- Don't cross in front of someone else's line of fire.
- Don't keep firing when someone does cross in front of you.
- Assume stealthy is the way to play unless everyone agrees otherwise.
- Assume that nobody agrees with you unless you have asked!
- (Usually) Assume anyone unable to respond in English doesn't agree.
- If you are able, speak English. Many of us speak additional languages
and enjoy doing so, but unfortunately... not the same ones as you. Sadly,
English, and not Klingon, is the likeliest for everyone to know.

Some very special situations really warrant special mention.

Shooting civilians, cops, or anything in the checkerboard (Khios has a spawn bug, that puts latecomers and respawns in the "checkerboard") will get you booted and possibly banned. This is because if you haven't gotten agreement from the other players... you're interfering with THEIR game.

[Draft] Exceptions

Sometimes, we allow for some very specific bending of the rules. Two of them are described here, they may be others, but don't count on it, and don't expect these to save you when you are violating the prime directive.

1) In the past, it has been tradition to initiate a tagfest at the cabin in Siberia and in the Unity HQ, at level end. This is still permissible, but if any player doesn't want to participate the tagfest must end and any player speaking in a language other than English or so poorly as to be unintelligible must be assumed to have asked for the tagfest to end.

2) Players having legitimate reasons (lan parties, spouses, roommates) to share an IP address should contact us in advance to avoid assumptions on our part that you are registering multiple identities. We understand that this is legitimate use and we want to be accomodating, however we often find ourselves in situations where we must make immediate decisions. Failure to do so will usually result in little sympathy when you end up banned.

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