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Gorfs deal...part deux

Ok...Im a sucker....Ill try anything twice. Besides....when f00 tells me something is fixed....I believe him, mostly Wink

Just an update on my housing situation. We are mere days away from doing the single most horrific thing you can do on the planet, its not trying to use DEDIT to create your own custom NOLF maps ( although that is a major PITA )...Im talking moving!!

Im fairly certain that in the last 8 years, Ive accumulated more stuff than I should be allowed to own in two lifetimes...and most of it is crap. Zip Drives?.....who uses these things? and why did I see fit to save the zip100 that came with my Compac? Insanity I tell you.....technologically fueled blinding insanity.

Ahhhh, week away yet I can feel the cool waters of my very own inground pool!!

Getting closer to moving everyday! What is the first utility I arranged to connect after we close?...Whats that?...Water?....Electric? Waste Services?...nope....all good answers but ultimately wrong. The first utility I arranged is the BroadBand ISP!...sheesh! DUH!!!!!

Actually..its been a flurry of arranging, from making sure we have strong backed movers to help us, to hiring an electrician to upgrade the 50 year old electrical panel from an abysmal 100amp service to something a bit more 200 amps. After all, we dont want a repeat of what happened at f00's house in the gorfnoc.

Summers off to a bang in gorfland

Not sure of anyone else who belongs here lives in New England but August is most typically our worst summer month ( as Im sure it is for most humans in the northern hemisphere ) with high temps and high humidity. Today, it aint even July yet and we nailed 100 degrees. Good thing the new house has a pool or this summers gonna be miserable!

Also taking the new VHQ functionality out for a spin.
Good acceleration and handles likes its on a rail in the corners. Hi marks for a classy interior but the sound system sucks. I dont know how the gas mileage adds up yet but Im sure that based on the Horsepower it appears to have, coollness per gallon will be on the high side.

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