Ahhhh, week away yet I can feel the cool waters of my very own inground pool!!

Getting closer to moving everyday! What is the first utility I arranged to connect after we close?...Whats that?...Water?....Electric? Waste Services?...nope....all good answers but ultimately wrong. The first utility I arranged is the BroadBand ISP!...sheesh! DUH!!!!!

Actually..its been a flurry of arranging, from making sure we have strong backed movers to help us, to hiring an electrician to upgrade the 50 year old electrical panel from an abysmal 100amp service to something a bit more modern..like 200 amps. After all, we dont want a repeat of what happened at f00's house in the gorfnoc.

Hope the summer is treating everyone well so far. Ive been trying to guilt myself into hooking up with f00 to play Joint Ops...so far...it hasnt worked. Perhaps after we move in and I get some of the Honey Do list under control....damn...gotta start mowing my own lawn again!!

Damn...cant upload any pics in here...tells me Ive exceeded the file size ( at 110k?? ) grrrrrrrrr